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Why Vagabond Tours?

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Welcome to the very best small-group, off the beaten track tours of Ireland.  Vagabond  is a well established, multi award-winning, high-quality Irish tour company with a great reputation, offering the discerning traveller a fun, contemporary and flexible look at the world’s favourite country.

Discover Ireland’s diverse and breathtaking landscapes, fascinating history, haunting castles and ancient archaeological sites, not to mention the cozy pubs and the legendary humour and welcome of Irish people.

Packed with history, culture, myths, legends and scenery plus some fantastic outdoor activity options and travelling in custom built, comfortable 4X4 Land Rover expedition vehicles – the Vagabond adventure tours are perfect for anyone looking to fully experience Ireland’s culture, nature and landscape in an active and adventurous way.

All the tours benefit hugely from our small and personal group sizes, award-winning guides, quality accommodation and years of expertise and customer input.

So, if you are coming to Ireland and want to…

  • Meet Irish people and learn all about Ireland, its history and culture.
  • Explore Ireland’s most remote and beautiful places right away from the tourist trail plus visiting the most worthwhile of the country’s famous tourist attractions.
  • Relax and enjoy delicious local food in an informal, friendly and welcoming environment./li>
  • Travel solo, as a couple, or with a group of friends and family, or have an Irish corporate or incentive adventure.
  • Make the absolute most of your time on holiday
  • Enjoy an active, refreshing and stimulating Irish vacation
  • Retrace family roots or have a spiritual calling to Ireland.
  • Do something unique, that will make the guys back home envious

And have loads of laughs…

Then Vagabond can lend you a guiding hand, as we…

  • Guide you through wild and rugged landscapes, to hidden historical sites, castles and legendary battlefields
  • Share with you 1000’s of years of an ancient and turbulent history that has touched the world.
  • Keep group sizes small (13 max) to give a more personal, flexible service and allow us to stay in smaller, locally owned Irish accommodation
  • Include loads of fresh air and some fantastic outdoor adventure activity options on every tour
  • Employ and train some of the most passionate, talented, and professional guides in Ireland
  • Offer regular scheduled departures with up to 6 tours of Ireland a week
  • Promise all the convenience of guided tour but keep the personal touch that captures the relaxed, humorous and quirky spirit of Ireland
  • Organise superb overnight stops in small communities giving you the chance to meet and have a pint with locals

If you are looking to have a fantastic vacation in Ireland and to meet new friends from around the world, contact us now.

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Why Driftwood Tours?

Every day is a discovery day on a Driftwood tour, with a mixture of historical sites, sightseeing, free time and some great local experiences. The pace of
the Driftwood tours is more relaxed than the Vagabond adventure tours, and the activities and stops are chosen to be as accessible as possible.

Normally we have breakfast at around 08.30am and aim to be on the road at about 09.15am, ready for some exploring. We have a framework of places to visits each day, which we can choose from depending on the wishes of the group and the website-vertical-2weather conditions.

Experiences on Driftwood Tours:

Here are a few examples of the type of activities and experiences you can enjoy on a Driftwood tour:

Stately homes and gardens:
Take a gentle stroll around Muckross House and Gardens  on the shores of the Lakes of Killarney, or Bantry House and Gardens.

‘Jaunting car’ ride through the Killarney National Park:
Go back in time on a horse-drawn carriage through the Killarney National Park. Starting at the spectacular Torc Waterfall and then trotting along the shores of the lake to Muckross Abbey and Muckross House.

Boat Trip to Garinish Island:
Take a ralaxing boat our to Garinish island in the sheltered natural bay of Glengarriff, County Cork to visit the formal subtropical gardens established there over 100 years ago.

Artisan Irish Crafts:
Witness traditionally skilled Irish craftspeople at work in their small, local workshops. Including Sean Daly, a master crystal cutter, Eddie Doherty the renowned hand weaver or Louis Mulcahy, the characterful potter.

Most people come to Ireland with an idea of what they want to bring home as a keepsake. We know lots of great little shops where you can buy locally made crafts, knitwear, jewelery, books, art, Irish sporting items and gift items.

The Pace of Driftwood Tours:

The Driftwood tours follow a more relaxed pace, without the adventure activities of the Vagabond tours, there is more time to spend at historical sites and perhaps some shopping stops! The average touring day on a Driftwood tour also tends to be a little bit shorter, so we would arrive at our overnight destinations a slightly earlier. Sometimes we do have request from Driftwood passengers to partake in some Vagabond activities and often we can arrange this too.

Activity Difficulty/Suggested Fitness levels:

All activities on a Driftwood tour would be considered to be ‘easy’ on a difficulty scale. Walking is limited to historical sites, beaches or small towns and villages.

In terms of fitness, we suggest that you are able to easily walk for 20 minutes and be able to climb a flight of stairs to get the most out of your Driftwood tour. We have had plenty of passengers who arrive with some form of walking aid, and have had a great time.

Please note that not all of the experiences mentioned above are available on all tours, for full details and itineraries please contact us

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Compare Tours

The Differences between a Vagabond adventure tour and a Driftwood Journey of Discovery

Compare Vagabond and Driftwood Tours

We have created the table below to help explain the differences and similarities between the ‘Vagabond Adventures Tours’ and the ‘Driftwood small group journeys of discovery’.




Travel in our chunky funky 4X4 ‘Vagatrons’.
All the Vagabond tours travel in one of our Land Rover or Mercedes 4X4 ‘Vagatrons’. They are perfectly comfortable and add a real spirit of adventure right from the start of the trip.vagatron
Travel in our sleek and super-comfy ‘Drifter’ minicoaches.
All the Driftwood tours glide along in one of our extremely smart and comfortable green ‘Drifters’ which is either a Mercedes or Volkswagen mini-coach.driftwood-vehicle



We try and include a hike every day on a Vagabond tour. These can last up to 2.5 hours and cover up to 5 miles (8km’s) on uneven paths over undulating terrain. We suggest a moderate level of fitness is required to enjoy the hikes on a Vagabond adventure.


More of a stroll…
If you would like to stroll through local villages, stately homes and gardens and to historical sites – then Driftwood would be perfect for you.driftwood-stroll



Activity and Adventure options

Excellent less active options

We have some excellent activity options available on our adventure tours, including: The Driftwood tours include equally enjoyable, less active options. Including:
1.    Sea-kayaking (3 hours session under full supervision) 1. A jaunting car ride though the Killarney National Park (a horse and open carriage ride)
2.    Horse-riding (1 hour on the beach) 2. Visits to gardens such as Garinish Island, Bantry House and Muckross House
3.    Cycling (2 hours in the Killarney National Park) 3. An Irish cooking lesson (TBC)
4.    Skellig Michael Trip (including boat trip, a climb up 100’s of steps with no handle and no toilet for 5 hours!) 4. Visit to local a artisan craft workshop
5.    Surfing – for the really hardy people. 5. Less physical strolls on hard surfaces or good paths to scenic locations and historical sites
All activities and walks are optional and require a moderate level of fitness, we suggest that if you would imagine not partaking in most of them, then to consider a Driftwood tour instead.





Upbeat tour pace

More relaxed tour pace

Generally the Vagabond tours tend to move at a slightly quicker pace, ideal for those who want to feel they are on the go, in a refreshing kind of way.


Driftwood, as the name suggests, takes a bit more time getting from A to B, there is more free time at certain locations.



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